We’ll be honest with you.Those five words are perhaps not what you’d expect to hear from an estate agent. But it’s the way we are, and we’ve found, it’s good for business. All parties respond far better when they trust you.

We’ll be honest with you about what your property’s worth. It’s very easy to say your property is worth far more than it is, because, of course, that’s what you want to hear. But it does you no good – you won’t find a buyer and you’ll resist lowering the price because your expectations have already been set. Eventually of course you will lower it, but you’ll have lost a lot of time.

We’ll be honest with you about the level of interest that’s been shown in your property. We’ll be honest with you about the state of the market. And we’ll be honest with our advice. And that advice is well founded.

We’ve got the specialist knowledge of the area that comes from decades of handling sales in all parts of Winchmore Hill, in particular Highlands Village and Grange Park, as well as Palmers Green. We also cover Southgate, Bush Hill Park and Enfield. All of our staff live locally which means they really know about the local schools and facilities.

In fact Brian and Sue both went to local schools themselves as have their children, so when we talk to a potential buyer about the local facilities, be it schools, parks, shops, etc. They can see we know what we’re talking about. With your help, we’ll have a correctly priced and presented property to sell. And then with our prominent office position, press advertising and listings on the major Internet property portals, we’ll attract plenty of interest – one that we’re then expert at converting to a sale.

Don’t let your sale slip away.

Just when you think the hard part’s over, and you’ve got an offer made and accepted, in fact that’s when the hard work’s just beginning. There are many pitfalls between offer and completion, and we’ll navigate you through them. Naturally, we have plenty of incentive, as we don’t get paid if you don’t complete. But the same applies to other estate agents, and they’re remarkably indifferent – rather than have any one transaction take a lot of effort, they’d rather just have as many deals on the go as possible, and make their money off those that make it through.

By contrast, we’re committed to every transaction, committed to getting both a happy buyer and a happy seller. And that’s where our experience and understanding of our buyer and seller pays off in spades. Hitches are not uncommon – the problematic survey, gazumping and gazundering, issues with the lease or freehold – it’s how you handle them that makes all the difference. And understanding people and the peculiar pressures of a property transaction makes all the difference between deals that fall through and deals that go through.